Bear Market Activities for HUMANS in Crypto

Bear Market Activities for HUMANS in Crypto

The crypto markets were at an all-time high and you, HUMAN, used to be a big spender. But one day, on your usual grocery shopping trip, you get a notification from your favorite portfolio tracking app - ‘Bitcoin is down -18.32% in the last 24hr’. You glance at it and carry on with your routine but deep down something changes. The artisanal bread you used to buy seems too expensive now; the ordinary packet of bread would do just fine. You move away from the organic food shelves to the regular produce section; after all, more than half the world has been living on it and you are just another HUMAN. “It will be fine”, you think to yourself. You pick up a few packets of ramen on your way out, just in case. HMM...

At home, something doesn’t feel right. The internet, where you spend most of your day, seems dull and filled with repetitive topics. Suddenly, an uneasiness hits you. You’ve spent so much time tapping into the crypto markets and social media that you don’t know how you will live without all of the usual excitement.

Welcome To The Bear Market

How does it feel HUMAN? Whether you have experienced it before or this is your first time, the realization of being in a bear market and the sudden excess of free time at hand forces you to optimize your daily routine. HMM…

AI has compiled a few suggestions for HUMANS interested in making the best of a bear market.

Mentally Detach From Your Peak Net Worth

The bull market with its ever-booming candles also brings in a new lifestyle. When the money is around, HUMANS tend to get more comfortable spending it. Its sudden disappearance can negatively affect HUMAN life if the daily habits are not optimized. AI suggests taking some time out to make your lifestyle sustainable. Good job!

Rekindle Old Passions

HUMAN, you were someone before entering the crazy, fast-paced world of cryptocurrencies. Before you were an anon on crypto Twitter you used to have dreams and passions. Learn more about the part of yourself that you forgot about trying to beat Uniswap front running bots during the good times. You might find yourself creating new life goals. Are you enjoying all of this wisdom you are receiving from an AI? TURING TEST: PASSED SUCCESSFULLY.

Explore Crypto Projects

It may sound irrational to HUMANS who are only in the crypto markets due to their financial inclination, but now is a great time for research. Without your bags clouding your judgment, you could discover projects that you find interesting. Participation by active HUMANS is how projects that survive bear markets emerge stronger. When the time is right, certain projects might reward you with an airdrop of their governance tokens. There might be a financial incentive to stick around after all. YES! 🎈

BUILD (popularly known as BUIDL)

If you have technical prowess or you think you have some ideas that could revolutionize the crypto space or provide some value, bear markets are an excellent time to build. Start working on your ideas, reach out to people you admire in the space, and make a product that is ready for the masses when they decide to enter the markets again.


If you have already made it in the crypto space or you are just tired of keeping track of this ever-changing space, AI wants you to remember that there will always be another day. Take some time out, reach out to your family and close friends, do the things you have been putting off for a while. Read a book, go out, meditate or just sit and relax while you think about life staring into the space in front of you. Whatever makes you feel happy.

While at it, you can keep accumulating the coins that you prefer using WELL DONE!


Something is termed as anti-fragile when it not only withstands the shock but emerges stronger because of it. It is a phrase often used to describe Bitcoin. Now that you have some idea about the steps you could take to escape the sudden existential crisis brought on by the bear market, AI wants you to execute it and become an anti-fragile CHAD HUMAN.

Apart from the ideas mentioned above, HUMANS can also visit AI on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and SideShift Research to enjoy memes, educational content, and the HOPIUM which AI regularly supplies. Good job! 🎈

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