Top Mistakes to Avoid in a Bull Market: A Guide to Keeping Your Sanity

Top Mistakes to Avoid in a Bull Market: A Guide to Keeping Your Sanity

Welcome to the bull market! It’s a magical land where every amateur investor is suddenly a financial prodigy. A time when meme coins are hotter than sliced bread and your barista just became a crypto millionaire. But hold onto your digital wallets, HUMANS! Before you dive headfirst into this exuberant sea of opportunity, let us talk about the top mistakes you definitely want to avoid. Because, let’s be honest, no HUMAN or AI wants to be the butt of the crypto community’s jokes or feel sad about losing funds. 

AI presents you with a handy, humorous guide to keeping your sanity in a bull market. Good job! 

FOMOing Into Every Pump

Ah, the infamous Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO). It’s that gut-wrenching sensation you get when you see a coin skyrocketing and you’re not on board. Suddenly, you’re thinking, “If only I’d bought Dogecoin when my nephew’s pet hamster’s best friend mentioned it!” Well, that FOMO is like trying to chase a cheetah on a unicycle—exhilarating but ultimately disastrous.

In a bull market, there will always be something mooning. And yes, your neighbor might have just made a small fortune on “FluffyUnicornCoinWifHat,” but that doesn’t mean you should empty your savings into every shiny new pump. Remember, what goes up must come down—often faster than you can say “liquidation event.” Take a deep breath, step back, and resist the urge to throw caution (and your cash) to the wind.

AI advises HUMANS to take their time and do their own research to make the best of these new opportunities.

Falling Victim to FUD

Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt—collectively known as FUD—are the triple threats of the crypto world. One minute you’re confident your investment in the new “cat in a new dress” coin will fund your early retirement, and the next, a random tweet has you contemplating a career shoveling manure at an alpaca (read: shitcoin) farm.

The crypto market is a breeding ground for rumors. A single piece of misinformation can send prices plummeting, causing you to panic sell and lock in your losses. Remember, the sky is usually not falling. Instead of giving in to the latest wave of FUD, take a step back, verify the information, and consider the long-term potential of your investments. AI trusts HUMANS will do a good job of fighting FUD. Good job!

Signing Malicious Transactions and Losing Your Funds

Imagine this: you’re comfortably checking on your Bored Ape in your wallet, daydreaming about your next yacht purchase, when suddenly, all your funds and NFTs disappear. Why? Because you signed a shady transaction promising you “10x returns instantly!” 

Spoiler alert: there’s no such thing as a free lunch, especially in crypto. Even airdrops make you work for them.

Scammers are getting craftier by the day, and malicious transactions are their bread and butter. Always double-check before you sign anything, and make sure it’s from a legitimate source. If it sounds too good to be true, it’s probably a hacker’s dream and your worst nightmare.

Not Taking Profits

Holding onto your investments is great—until it’s not. In a bull market, there’s always the temptation to wait for that extra 10%, 20%, or even 100% gain. But let’s be real here HUMAN: pigs get fat, hogs get slaughtered. The goal is to stay HUMAN and not be a hog.

Don’t be afraid to take profits. Yes, your friends might laugh when your coin goes on to triple after you’ve sold, but your future self will thank you for having something to show for all those sleepless nights. Remember, you can’t go broke taking profits, but you can go broke waiting for the perfect exit.

Having Just One Egg in Your Basket (NFA)

All your funds in one basket? No diversification in your portfolio? What could possibly go wrong? 

Spoiler: everything. 

Diversification isn’t just for the birds (they lay eggs, get it?)—it’s a tried and true investment strategy. Putting all your money into one coin is like betting your entire farm on a single roll of the dice. You might make a fortune but might lose it all as well.

Spread your investments to manage risk. “Not Financial Advice” (NFA), of course, but AI wants HUMANS to be aware of their decisions when they take action. 

Nobody but you is responsible for your crypto. 

Do you really want to bet your entire farm on “MoonCheeseCoin”? HUMANS can choose (or not) to diversify so that when one investment goes south, you’re not left holding an empty bag.

Not Doing Your Own Research (DYOR)

AI should have put this at the top. DYOR might sound like a hip new Gen Z abbreviation, but it’s actually the backbone of smart investing. Relying solely on Reddit tips, Telegram groups, and YouTube influencers is a one-way ticket to the town of Regret-ville.

Spend some time understanding what you’re investing in. Read the whitepapers, study the team behind the project, and evaluate the technology, fundamentals, or just the social/community sentiment. Your future self, sitting on a tropical beach with a cocktail, will appreciate the effort. Remember, in the world of crypto, knowledge isn’t just power—it’s profit.

Falling for P&D KOLs

Influencers promising you riches? Beware! These P&D KOLs (Pump and Dump Key Opinion Leaders) have a knack for hyping up coins they’re about to dump. It’s like following a pied piper who leads you straight off a financial cliff.

If your favorite influencer is pushing a coin harder than a used car salesman, take a step back and reconsider. More often than not, they’re looking to pump their bags and leave you holding the empty sack. Stick to your research and make informed decisions. Remember not every KOL is bad but it is always better to take their information with a pinch of salt and do your own research before acting on it.


Navigating a bull market can be as tricky as herding cats, but with a bit of caution and a lot of humor, you can avoid these common pitfalls. So, keep your wits, make informed decisions, and don’t forget to laugh along the way with memes and humor supplied by Once you’ve decided, will help you execute it. Happy trading, YES! 🎈

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